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Translation Services

We can arrange any sort of translation from and to any language of the world for you. Either you are a company or a private client, you can profit from our expert translations. Among the industries from where we normally receive instructions to have their documents translated we can quote the Legal and the Financial sectors.

Companies clients entering into a deal or transaction overseas normally need business documents translated into the local language in the country where they doing the deal. This often includes Companies House documents that verify your business’s status in the UK, including your articles of association. Your articles of association, the written document that sets out the rules of running your company that your directors, company secretary and shareholders agree on, is likely to be needed to complete the legal aspect of an overseas trade deal.

Private clients often need their documents translated into another language as well. You might even need to have a notary certified translation, a translation certified by a qualified translator or simply a document translated only. 

In any case, we can complete any kind of translation done for you. Depending on your needs, you could send us a scanned copy of the document or post it to our address 20 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0NB. Please get in contact for further advice.

Issuing documents in any language of the world

In addition to our translation services, the Notary can also directly issue documents in various foreign languages different to English.

Get in contact with us on the phone 0203 441 5095 and we will certainly help you.

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What Our Clients Say

“Best notary and legalisation service I have never experienced. They are caring, working on our timelines and offering full-service (bringing all documents, posting them….). 100% recommendable”

Jose Bort, London

“All the team at Notary Castelo were brilliant. Helpful, efficient, excellent & fair pricing, & did a fantasticly quick turnaround job for me. I will be using them again. And they were so nice about explaining everything & making sure I had the right information together first. So good, the Qatar Embassy stamped everything”

Cheri Howe, Qatar

“Awesome service!! Thank you very much!! Lo mejor es que dan service en español También!! genial!!.”

Mariel Barrera Fermin, Spain