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As the world becomes increasingly globalised, the need for reliable and trustworthy notary services has never been greater. Notarised documents are essential for legal and financial transactions, providing an official seal of approval that ensures their validity and authenticity. However, not all notary services are created equal.

Thinking of taking your business abroad? There are many reasons why Germany is such a desirable country for businesses to choose to expand into, from its centralised location and links to EU, to its impressive infrastructure and economy. As Germany is one of the largest exporting nations many companies can benefit from choosing Germany as a place to do business.

Whether you are buying a chic Parisian apartment, secluded French farmhouse or purchasing an investment property you will need a Notary Public to ensure your documents are legally binding in the UK and France. Here at Castelo Notaries we can notarize, legalise and certify your documents, as well as have them translated.

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When it comes to the notarisation and apostilling of documents, quality, reliability and speed are of utmost importance, which is why with our premium service, our notary experts are able to validate notarised documents with a Hague Convention Apostille within 24 hours. Plus, with couriers leaving our offices every hour you can have your document sent anywhere in the UK or abroad by DHL on the same day too.

You might have noticed we’ve been updating our website and we thought now was a perfect opportunity to reintroduce you to our team! Check out the faces behind Castelo Notaries here at our fun filled photoshoot. We are proud to offer you affordable and fast, same-day notarisation, legalisation and translations, as well as a convenient, hassle-free mobile notary solution.

We understand that it can feel like the process of notarising a document for the UAE can feel intimidating, but our approachable team of highly qualified notaries are able to help you every step of the way. These are the steps for notarising documents for the United Arab Emirates Step One: Notarisation Firstly our Notary…

Buying/selling a property in Spain – Granting a Power of Attorney for a representative to do it on your behalf Buying/selling a property in Spain involves several steps, amongst which signing the deed of conveyance with a Spanish Notary and registering the ownership with the Spanish Land Register. If it is more convenient for you…