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What is the process of notarising documents for the UAE?

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We understand that it can feel like the process of notarising a document for the UAE can feel intimidating, but our approachable team of highly qualified notaries are able to help you every step of the way.

These are the steps for notarising documents for the United Arab Emirates

Step One: Notarisation

Firstly our Notary Public needs to authenticate the signature on the document you need to notarised for use in the UAE. In an ideal situation, we should be the witness to the signing of the document

If the signing of the documentation is on behalf of a company, then we need to be presented with evidence that shows the person signing has the authority to sign documents on behalf of that company.

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Step Two: Attestation

Once we are satisfied and have notarised the signatures on the document, this can then be attested (sometimes referred to as legalisation or an apostille). Attestation simply means that the document is now legally recognised internationally.

Here in the UK, the Foreign Commonwealth Office conducted the attestation, by completing checks to ensure Castelo Notaries are registered and that the information we have provided is correct.

Once the Foreign Commonwealth Office have completed their checks the document will be apostilled.

Step Three: Certification by the UAE Embassy

As The United Arab Emirate are not a member of the Hague Convention, documents required for use in the UAE must have two more certifications.

One certification should be carried out by the UAE Embassy or Consulate. This is so that the Embassy or Consulate can ensure that the documentation has been attested by the correct office.

Then the document will be stamped by the Consulate to confirm the date and that the document is now certified.

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Step Four: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Finally, the documents must be certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs an additional check to ensure all the other steps have been done correctly.

If all the steps are correctly done and the document has been notarised with apostille and certified by the UAE Embassy, it will get the final certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will give the final seal of approval that the document has a legal status for use in the UAE.

Looking for UAE Notary Services?

If you need a reliable notary service to certify a document for use in The United Arab Emirates, you can rely on Castelo Notaries to provide a fast and effective service, we have years of experience notarising documents for use throughout the world including in the United Arab Emirate.

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