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Why you need a Notary Public involved in your French property purchase

Dreaming of escaping to a French Chateau? Here’s our simple guide to making sure you do it legally.

Whether you are buying a chic Parisian apartment, secluded French farmhouse or purchasing an investment property you will need a Notary Public to ensure your documents are legally binding in the UK and France. Here at Castelo Notaries we can notarize, legalise and certify your documents, as well as have them translated.

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What is a Notaire?

In France, a ‘Notaire’ is a legal professional who specialises in the preparation and authentication of legal documents relating to property, inheritance and the like. In France, a Notary holds the title of “Notaire” by virtue of having gained a diploma in law (D.E.A.) and passed the appropriate National entrance examination to be admitted as a member of the Professional Body “Chambre des Notaires”.

Why you need a Notaire yo buy property in France?

You will need to use a notary if you wish to purchase property in France. A Notaire is usually based at a town hall (Mairie) and all property transactions within France are dealt with through the notary’s office. Notaires are also employed by the government to make sure that property sales are carried out legally and that any taxes due are paid. It’s important to note that French property cannot change hands legally without the involvement of a Notaire.

Must you go to France to purchase property there?

You don’t actually have to physically attend Notaire appointments, instead you can have another person act on your behalf. To do this, you will need to assign someone power of attorney from the UK, but the law in France dictates that the document must be signed in the presence of a legally qualified professional such as a Notary Public.

Who in the UK can help you with the French property buying process?

We are a specialist firm of English and French speaking notaries based in London and will guide you through all the legal formalities in a straight forward and understandable way. We have a vast amount of experience dealing with non-French nationals and we can help you manage the whole French property buying process, from start to finish.

What if you don’t speak French?

If you don’t speak French you needn’t worry as we can also provide translation services so that no matter what language you speak you can have your French legal documents and contracts available in a language you understand. For more information on the French notary services check out our French Notary Services page or give us a call on 0203 441 5095.

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